Details Regarding Requests for Disclosure, Etc.

HTB-BCD travel, Ltd will handle requests for disclosure, etc., of personal information provided by the customer as follows.

1. Request Form

Please download the following Request Form that applies. If the customer cannot download the form, then Hitachi Travel Bureau will send it to the customer by mail.

  1. Personal Information Disclosure & Notification of the Purposes of Use
  2. Personal Information Correction, Addition, Deletion
  3. Personal Information Usage Stop, Elimination

2. Attached Documents

Please send the following 3 documents.

  1. The Request Form with all of the required items filled out
  2. Personal identification documentation
  3. Handling fee proof of payment
    (This is not required for personal information correction, addition, deletion, usage stoppage, elimination, and stoppage of provisions to third parties.)

3. Handling Fee Payment

A handling fee of JPY2,000 will be charged for requests for personal information disclosure and purposes of use notifications. Please note that this fee will not be returned if the disclosure or purposes of use notification cannot be done because the Company does not possess the customers personal information or for legal reasons.

  1. Bank transfer: After the payment has been sent by bank transfer to the following bank account, please send a copy of the proof of transaction together with the Request Form mentioned above to the Company. Please note that paying the bank transfer transaction fee is the responsibility of the customer.
・Bank transfer bank account
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Shin-Tokyo Branch Regular Account No. 7730932
Hitachi Travel Bureau, Ltd. (Collection Agent: Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.)

4. Request Method

Place 1 to 3 below together in an envelope and either bring the envelope to HTB-BCD travel, Ltd., or send it the Customer Inquires Desk by acceptance recorded mail or express courier service.

  • Materials to be submitted
    1. Request Form with all of the required information filled in
    2. Personal identification documentation
    3. Handling fee proof of payment
  • Send to:
    • Administration Section (Customer Inquires Desk)
      General Affairs Department
      HTB-BCD travel, Ltd.
      Hacchobori Center Bldg. 9F 4-6-1 Hacchobori Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0032
      TEL: 03-6262-8039

5. Reply from Hitachi Travel Bureau, Ltd.

The reply to the customer will be sent by recipient only acceptance recorded mail (special case type) to the address stated in the identification of the individual. In addition, an in-house investigation time of approximately 2 weeks is required before a reply can be sent from the Company. If more than 2 weeks will be required, notice of such will be sent by the Company.

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