Business Travel Management

BTM System

We assign a dedicated team to each client corporation and address their issues concerning business trips.

Data and Cost Management

We reduce the costs of travel (T&E) through our BTM.
Our dedicated account manager will offer consultation services concerning travel types for each client corporation
and propose ideas to reduce travel expenses and streamline the travel expense reimbursement procedures.

Offering consultation services based on accumulated travel data.

Risk Management

In case of a terrorist attack, an earthquake, or the spread of infectious viruses,
we will provide information in a timely manner via emergency notification mails and a risk management information system,
depending on the circumstances.

Overseas risk management system
《Traveler’s information search》

We provide a free system that enables users to confirm the risk management of customers, who made a booking with us, more promptly and effectively.
Through our interlocked systems under unified management, users can instantaneously confirm the traveler’s situation in case of an emergency.

  • Map search, search with date and time (for the period from 1 year ago to the 7th day from the current day)
    (It is possible to output the data in a list.)
  • Even in case of transit or multiple-city visit, the traveler’s information is retrievable with the retrieval results refining system, on a real-time or specified-time basis.
  • Retrievable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on the Internet environment

24/7 support (Japanese/English)

Urgent matters that occur outside of business hours can be handled by our customer support center. The service is available in both Japanese and English for 365 days. Emergency ticketing on holidays is also available

  • The business trip is canceled in the middle of the night…
  • The schedule is changed to a holiday…
  • I want to change the return flight…

IT Solution

We provide a travel infrastructure and implement appropriate system solutions.

On-line business trip arrangement system

We provide a self-booking system of airlines, railways and hotels by a single sign-on.
Our system also allows users to use a request form, instead of self-booking.

VISA Solution

As an in-house travel company for enterprises, we have been providing support to acquire many overseas working visas and their families’ visas.
Based on the experiences and accumulated know-how, we support our customers from consultation to acquisition without trouble.

Support based on experiences

Based on our experiences of obtaining about 6,000 visas a year of over 60 countries in the world, our department specialized in business trips tenderly supports customers.

Provision of the latest information

The center’s staff members visit the embassies, etc. on a daily basis and obtain the latest information to acquire visas smoothly.

Operation system

Our designated consultants in collaboration with the visa support center respond to the customers’ requests promptly and efficiently.

Strict adherence to the protection of personal information
The personal information we obtain from the customers will not be used for any purposes other than the proxy application procedures for visas.

Profile Management and Information Security

This system allows users to register on-line the traveler’s personal information, mileage card information and other information that is necessary for the business trip.
Registration through this system secures the safety of receiving personal information.